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March 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Collapsible backgroundCollapsible BackgroundVery convenient photographic background when you don't have much space! B&H had a daily deal last week for the Angler 5x7 Collapsible Background. I already have several good backgrounds - a couple of X-Drops and a full-size background stand with a 10x12 black muslin background. Both are nice, but I decided to try this collapsible background for speed of setup and tear down as well as for small convenient size.

Tonight my visiting great niece and nephew paused "Moana" long enough to let me test the background. I was amazed at the small space that I was able to use for my setup (my house has VERY little space that is usable for portrait setups). I set a small light stand against the dining table and hung the background horizontally to give width for two kids). I set up a light stand with one of my smaller soft boxes, the Rapid Box Duo, and the Godox AD360II-C between the kitchen counter and curio cabinet. CROWDED, but in a space of about 7 feet by 7 feet (and I only had a few feet of width at one end for the light stand and my camera), I soon had the kids clowning for the camera.

I could never have fit my X-Drop in that tiny space. 

I probably won't use my house like that very often, but I have that option! I'm looking forward to using the collapsible background at the next head shot session for the high school theatre department. Space isn't an issue at the school, but I will enjoy the quick and easy set up and teardown.

If you don't have a collapsible background, you should consider adding one to your kit. Highly recommended!  


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